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Welcome to KiBloc!

At KiBloc, we are committed to providing high-end ADA staking services to our delegators using Cardano’s autonomous decentralized ledger system. We specialize in operating highly secure and reliable Cardano stake pools and commit to permanently fair fees.

KiBloc Pool is operating on a bare metal server that allows us to not only exceeds the minimum specification required for stake pool operations but is also future-ready to support the Cardano ecosystem as it grows.

Kick Start Your Passive Investment Journey

The compound effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. Stake with KiBloc to experience that in real!

Be Patient and Think Long-Term

Consider staking your ADA as parking your money in order to earn 4-5% ROI while you are exploring the Cardano Ecosystem of more than 1000 Defi, DAO, DEX, Lending & Borrowing, Metaverse, and Gaming projects with me!

Dr. Shweta (Owner & Operator KiBloc Stakepool)

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The cryptocurrency & blockchain technology-based market is highly volatile. One wrong trade can break you or with a research-based analytical approach, it can open doors for new possibilities.

We regularly share research-based time-sensitive critical information which will best serve you while making the most important financial decisions of your life!

KiBloc (Official Twitter Handle)

Who We Are?​

KiBloc Stakepool is a Cardano blockchain network transaction processor and validator. We run a validator node, which is a special type of full node that participates in the Cardano network “consensus.”

By participating in consensus, we become responsible for verifying, voting on, and maintaining a record of transactions on the network.

Each transaction processed by KiBloc, allows us to collect a fee. These collected fees are then split between KiBloc and our delegators, who staked their ADA with the KiBloc Stake pool.

Check testimonials for our satisfied OG delegators

“The key is to set realistic expectations, then exceed them, preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.”

Mr. Whale

Works like a charm!…………………. 

Miss Shark​

Helped me to sail through the bear market……… 

Mr. Cardano​

Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind!

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